The Importance of PH Balance

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Yoli Alkalete pH Demo Body Alkalization

An integral part of the Yoli Better Body System, Alkalete™ is the most recognized, top-performing patented pH supplement available on the market today. By promoting a balanced pH level, Alkalete helps you shed fat and acidic waste, energizing your body and fighting the destructive processes of aging. Scientifically proven to increase the pH level of your body, Alkalete helps your body to reduce levels of acid waste so your body will be better equipped to handle the demands of daily living. By neutralizing acidic waste, Alkalete will take your body and health to levels you never imagined possible.

Helps neutralize acidic waste
Promotes a balanced body pH
Aids in muscle recovery
Contains mineral hydroxides and electrolytes time-released for maximum effectiveness
Helps shed unwanted weight
Leads to overall increases in health