By Roy Brown | Oct 30, 2017

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Simply put, a mindset is a group of attitudes.  You might have a positive attitude about your home life, the car you drive, the place you work, your spouse or your kids.  The group of all those attitudes is called your mindset.

For most of us, all of our attitudes are not positive.  We might love our body but hate our hair. We might love the relationship with our spouse but feel challenged with a relationship with our kids. We can feel good about our job, and but have difficulty working with a coworker.

The good book says a house divided against itself cannot stand.  If your mind is troubled with good attitudes about somethings and bad attitudes about other things then this might apply to you.

Find the silver lining in the challenges of your day. Find something good in every area of your life.  Learn from your failures and grow from your defeats.  Fix things that you can and find a way to accept the things that are not going in the right direction.

Tim McGraw sings a song with a great message called “live like you are dying”. You receive a piece of mind that comes from being a good husband, a better father, a friend you would like to have. To love deeper, speak sweeter, and give the forgiveness you might have been denying.  The message is, if you no longer have a reason to put off the things you know you should do, your life gets better.
It is a mindset to align all the attitudes to move your life in a positive direction.