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I tried several times to lose weight and there were times when the weight came off. It didn’t take very long for weight to come back on. When I think back on those efforts and I’m honest with myself, I must admit I didn’t really try very hard.

If you’re like me and I bet most of you are, you have thought about or pretended or maybe even put some effort into a weight-loss program, and if you’re like me your efforts probably ended in frustration. If on the other hand, there was a time when you did see success, you also must admit the effort that you put into it was different.

You’re not alone, successful weight loss requires a lifestyle change and by lifestyle change, I mean a change in your attitude about food, weight, exercise and your standard. Changes need to occur in your attitude about weight, and what kind of increase or decrease that you will accept. The standards that you set for what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in your life.

You have an understanding of what kind of exercise to do, when to do it and
how to do it. It is also very, very, very important how you relate to other people when you are going through a weight loss challenge. If you show up at a family party and announce you’re on a diet, everybody at that party is going to try to give you cheesecake! If you go out for an evening with friends and announce that you’re on a diet everybody at that party is going to accept the challenge to get you off that diet. First is to learn how to eat regular food in a way that is healthy for you. Second, learn how to overcome a big meal or big party. Get right back where you were on your weight-loss journey.

Every restaurant has healthy food somewhere in there. Some have more than others, but if you eliminate the bun, try the grilled chicken or only eat the inside of the burro, you can eat healthy anywhere. The point of this? I believe you should not seclude yourself from social opportunities or obligations just because you are trying to lose weight. Your weight is a part of your life and managing it is what you should learn from here.

Sometimes you cannot or do not want to miss a party or celebration. I say go for it and enjoy it. If you get right back on this program, the party will only be a memory in a couple of days but the memories go on forever.

A lifestyle change doesn’t have to mean you have no life.